Kim Dunbar


My background is in the IT world having worked in the telecom industry for 30+ years. My interest in brewing beer is a result of a Christmas gift my wife bought for me a couple years ago. Her logic was that this little starter kit would satisfy my interest in the hobby and I would quickly tire of it which would be the end. Boy was she surprised.

My partners and have grown from 2 gallon extract batches to 10 gallon full grain brewing on a metal framed “brew cart”. We have settled on a couple beers that we like to think are “final” versions and are actively working on several others. We continue to study the science of brewing and modify our processes accordingly to obtain the best beers we can.

I’m not totally sure where this adventure will take us but I’m enjoying the ride.

Lyle Smith


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Mike Becotte


Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer, and more Beer! Ok, I am not obsessed with beer but I thought it would be a good intro. I am 54 and have worked with computers from building mainframes in the 70’s and 80’s to remote support and then to sales. Nothing is more enjoyable for me in a work environment than making beer! I love the taste of craft brew, the delicious aroma’s during all the stages of making beer, and boy would I like to make it a full time job.

When I was younger I was mainly a commercial beer drinker, I thought darker beers were heavier and did not have the taste that I was used to, well was I wrong! They have a more robust flavor and they have a smoother taste. Craft Beers vary in color, taste, aroma, and the way they look. It’s an excellent time to spend a few hours to brew with friends and share a joke or two.

The process of making 10 gallons is about 5 to 6 hours (including prep and cleaning), and will get you around 90 to 96 bottles of beer. So if you want to join us we would be happy to host you to a beer brewing session!

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